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The Ten Wizard Saints of Fairy Tail Manga

The country of Fiore in the anime series Fairy Tail manga harbors a lot of mysteries, adventures, and wonders. The recent appearance of numerous mages has informed the need for the strongest of them to come together. Not all mages belong to an exclusive group like The Ten Fairy Tail manga. Indeed just a few of the strongest mages in Fiore make the cut. Here they are;

Makarov Dreyar

Makarov appears short and elderly in Fairy Tail manga, but his membership of the Fairy Tail manga and the fact that he’s the Guild Master of Fairy Tail are not by coincidence. The son of a Fairy Tail founding father, Makarov has enormous power, even though he does his best to hide it. He is loved and well-respected in the community because of the affection he has for Fairy Tail and its members. He is also often at odds with the Magic Council whenever he has to be, despite the fact that he is a member of the Saints.

Makarov’s signature magic is the Giant, and it’s the one he uses the most. With the Giant, his size changes at will and he becomes more powerful and menacing from Fairy Tail manga, resulting in a change in appearance, durability, and strength.

Makarov has a mastery of explosive light magic and different elemental magic. He is a master of magic in many forms and is well-known for using magic seals for defense. His powers give him Requip abilities (ability to change clothes in an instant like Erza Scarlet), and other abilities such as anti-magic (drive out magic), telepathy, and flight. He has also displayed Fairy Law magic, which is the most powerful he has shown in the series. Fairy Law is exclusive to the Fairy Tail Manga series and it’s one of the most powerful kinds of magic. Makarov uses Fairy Law as a destructive magic on his perceived enemies and he has used the legendary magic to defeat an enemy who was an erstwhile Ten Wizard Saints member.

Jura Nekis from Fairy Tail manga

Jura Nekis is a mage of the Lamia Scale guild whose reputation as a powerful wizard is a legend throughout Fiore. He is bald-headed with oval-shaped brows, and those are his distinguishing features. Also, he’s always adorned in clothing that has similarities with those from ancient Egypt and Japan. Jura is a mage with a high sense of humility and respect towards others, often praising them for their abilities and even touting himself as the weakest member of the Ten Wizard Saints even though he is very powerful.

Also known as Iron Rock Jura for his mastery of Earth Magic, Jura Nekis has the ability to bend and form earth whenever he wants to while also using the earth for attack and defense. Apart from his expert skills with the earth, Jura is also renowned for being amongst the best hand-to-hand fighters in Fiore with his magic power, toughness, and enormous strength making him a formidable adversary.