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What Do the Reviews Say About Juicers?

This is a masticating juice extractor with a powerful angle gear commercial motor. It comes with a 15 year warranty, it measures 14.5” x 6.5” x 15.5”, and it will provide you with dual stage juicing at low speeds of 80 revolutions per minute.

This model retails at $340, but you can get it for around $227 online right now. This juicer comes in white and is guaranteed to provide a high yield with very dry pulp. It is made from very strong plastic, which is eight times stronger than other plastics and its gear reduction is the equivalent of a 2HP motor.

This is considered to be a commercial masticating juicer with a 1/3 hp single phase induction motor. This comes with a 15 year warranty, and it measures 14.5” x 6.5” x 15.5”. It functions as a juicer, a pasta extruder, a food processor, a homogenizer, and a grinder and juices at a low speed of 80 revolutions per minute. It also has auto pulp ejection and a reverse mode.

This juicer model retails at $340, and can currently be bought for $247 online. This tends to be a more attractive model than the J8004, because of its stainless steel cover, and all of its additional functions make it ideal for use in the kitchen all day long. Whether you are making pasta, bread sticks, or using it for juice, you will never run out of ways to use it.

This juicer model is a dual stage vertical single auger low-speed best juicer. It is able to produce wheatgrass juice at high-yield and has an auto cleaning system. Ithis juicer low-speed function is also at 80 revolutions per minute and it has an over-sized spout which helps for when you are juicing directly into a glass.

This juicer has the unique ability to sit on a kitchen countertop without looking like a juicer. It appears more like a food processor or blender, and as such, it is preferred by people who want a clean, modern looking kitchen. This model retails for $430, but you can currently get it for about $367 online. If you are looking for some Juicer Reviews, so you can chose a Juicer  that is stylish and unique, then this would be the right place for you.