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How to Choose a Portable Solar Generator

When you are in the market for a portable solar generator for use in your home, it is essential to consider certain crucial factors. This guide helps you in making a decision as to what kind of backup generator to choose for your home or outdoor activities.

Find out the generator size that’s suitable for your house
It vital to add up all of the watts in your house items and then multiply the value by 1.5. This should give you a value of the wattage for your required generator. If all you need to power are just a laptop computer, a few light bulbs, and a refrigerator, then you can choose a generator with a low wattage. However, for large families, a generator with a wattage as high as 4000w should be ideal.

Consider the weight
Your ideal portable solar generator should not weigh more than 30 pounds, especially if you’ll be using it for outdoor activities. Some lightweight generators also have high wattages but they could be more expensive. However, they are usually pretty good at serving the purpose of making everybody’s lives more comfortable. One thing, though, always stick to your budget, but also think of investing in a solar generator as a long-term investment. So you could calculate the savings you’d make on buying the best lightweight solar generator for your home.

Choose a quiet home generator
A generator that vibrates noisily can be very inconveniencing. So it’s important to opt for a portable solar generator that is as quiet as possible. If you are the type that works from home full time, a quiet home generator will make it easier to concentrate on your work during blackouts or power outages. The key to a quiet generator is in the decibels. The lower the decibels, the less vibration it makes and the quieter it is.
Here are a few portable solar generators;
Duracell Solar Plug ‘N Play
This is a weather-proof generator with a capacity of 28amps per hour. It has the capacity to charge up an emergency radio and other smaller devices, and can also power a television with effortless ease. This generator is perfect for basic house needs or camping.

Champion 4000 Watt Generator
This amazing machine can produce as much as 4000 watts of power. It is also rugged enough to withstand the elements such as extreme, rain, heat, and cold. In times of an emergency, the Champion is robust enough to power the whole house. And if you have a portable trailer, this is the generator for you. Apart from being a favorite of a lot of people, it is also quite affordable.