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The MCvM Story

 A distinct, naturally-occurring mineral composite found only in the high Sierra Mountains, MCvM® contains a rich complex of minerals with unique properties unlike any other complex known. MCvM helps maintain the delicate balance of minerals that our bodies need to function optimally.

MCvM is comprised of numerous naturally-occurring macro and trace minerals including silica, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, selenium, chromium, molybdenum, and phosphorous in a form that possesses unusual health promoting properties.

It was first discovered more than 30 years ago by an intrepid prospector high in the Sierra Mountains. Although the prospector didn’t find the gold he was looking for, he stumbled on to something more valuable—he found a key to enhanced health.
What this prospector discovered was a completely unique mineral deposit. Volcanic and geothermal activity spanning many years created a mineral compound that is unlike any other on the planet. The prospector never imagined that this product could one day benefit millions of people with joint problems.

Since exhibits such unique properties so quickly, some of the world’s best mineralogists were contracted to study this remarkable find. Dr. Hadyn Murray, a mineralogist who has studied mineral deposits from around the world, investigated MCvM. After conducting an x-ray diffraction analysis, Dr. Murray reported:

“In my more than 50 years of mineral research, I have never seen a combination of minerals like this before.”

The MCvM formulas are excellent supplements for active men and women of all ages, including baby boomers, seniors and athletes. Choose MCvM for natural, uncomplicated, fast-acting solutions to today’s challenging health conditions.


The Ten Wizard Saints of Fairy Tail Manga

The country of Fiore in the anime series Fairy Tail manga harbors a lot of mysteries, adventures, and wonders. The recent appearance of numerous mages has informed the need for the strongest of them to come together. Not all mages belong to an exclusive group like The Ten Fairy Tail manga. Indeed just a few of the strongest mages in Fiore make the cut. Here they are;

Makarov Dreyar

Makarov appears short and elderly in Fairy Tail manga, but his membership of the Fairy Tail manga and the fact that he’s the Guild Master of Fairy Tail are not by coincidence. The son of a Fairy Tail founding father, Makarov has enormous power, even though he does his best to hide it. He is loved and well-respected in the community because of the affection he has for Fairy Tail and its members. He is also often at odds with the Magic Council whenever he has to be, despite the fact that he is a member of the Saints.

Makarov’s signature magic is the Giant, and it’s the one he uses the most. With the Giant, his size changes at will and he becomes more powerful and menacing from Fairy Tail manga, resulting in a change in appearance, durability, and strength.

Makarov has a mastery of explosive light magic and different elemental magic. He is a master of magic in many forms and is well-known for using magic seals for defense. His powers give him Requip abilities (ability to change clothes in an instant like Erza Scarlet), and other abilities such as anti-magic (drive out magic), telepathy, and flight. He has also displayed Fairy Law magic, which is the most powerful he has shown in the series. Fairy Law is exclusive to the Fairy Tail Manga series and it’s one of the most powerful kinds of magic. Makarov uses Fairy Law as a destructive magic on his perceived enemies and he has used the legendary magic to defeat an enemy who was an erstwhile Ten Wizard Saints member.

Jura Nekis from Fairy Tail manga

Jura Nekis is a mage of the Lamia Scale guild whose reputation as a powerful wizard is a legend throughout Fiore. He is bald-headed with oval-shaped brows, and those are his distinguishing features. Also, he’s always adorned in clothing that has similarities with those from ancient Egypt and Japan. Jura is a mage with a high sense of humility and respect towards others, often praising them for their abilities and even touting himself as the weakest member of the Ten Wizard Saints even though he is very powerful.

Also known as Iron Rock Jura for his mastery of Earth Magic, Jura Nekis has the ability to bend and form earth whenever he wants to while also using the earth for attack and defense. Apart from his expert skills with the earth, Jura is also renowned for being amongst the best hand-to-hand fighters in Fiore with his magic power, toughness, and enormous strength making him a formidable adversary.


What Do the Reviews Say About Juicers?

This is a masticating juice extractor with a powerful angle gear commercial motor. It comes with a 15 year warranty, it measures 14.5” x 6.5” x 15.5”, and it will provide you with dual stage juicing at low speeds of 80 revolutions per minute.

This model retails at $340, but you can get it for around $227 online right now. This juicer comes in white and is guaranteed to provide a high yield with very dry pulp. It is made from very strong plastic, which is eight times stronger than other plastics and its gear reduction is the equivalent of a 2HP motor.

This is considered to be a commercial masticating juicer with a 1/3 hp single phase induction motor. This comes with a 15 year warranty, and it measures 14.5” x 6.5” x 15.5”. It functions as a juicer, a pasta extruder, a food processor, a homogenizer, and a grinder and juices at a low speed of 80 revolutions per minute. It also has auto pulp ejection and a reverse mode.

This juicer model retails at $340, and can currently be bought for $247 online. This tends to be a more attractive model than the J8004, because of its stainless steel cover, and all of its additional functions make it ideal for use in the kitchen all day long. Whether you are making pasta, bread sticks, or using it for juice, you will never run out of ways to use it.

This juicer model is a dual stage vertical single auger low-speed best juicer. It is able to produce wheatgrass juice at high-yield and has an auto cleaning system. Ithis juicer low-speed function is also at 80 revolutions per minute and it has an over-sized spout which helps for when you are juicing directly into a glass.

This juicer has the unique ability to sit on a kitchen countertop without looking like a juicer. It appears more like a food processor or blender, and as such, it is preferred by people who want a clean, modern looking kitchen. This model retails for $430, but you can currently get it for about $367 online. If you are looking for some Juicer Reviews, so you can chose a Juicer  that is stylish and unique, then this would be the right place for you.


PhenQ Review: Most Scientifically Proven Diet Pill!

PhenQ is also known as Wakame Seaweed Standardized to 10% Fucoxanthin and is a patented ingredient for fat burning. Research conducted in Japan was able to show that Fucoxanthin can help oxidize fat and release energy by adaptive thermogenesis within fat cells of white adipose tissue and the abdominal fat of adults. PhenQ also reportedly stimulates the expression of PhenQ protein in white adipose tissue, which instigates fat oxidation and conversion of energy to heat. This is a vital function for preventing obesity. UCP 1 Protein is molecule vital for metabolic thermogenesis to avoid an excess accumulation of fat.

Increasing lean muscle can lead to prolonged fat loss success. Forslean was patented for this exact capability. A recent Review found that PhenQ can improve lean muscle mass and reduce fat mass better than the anabolic steroid Anavar. The active chemicals in this ingredient start reactions in your body, causing fat cells to release energy and slowly dissolve away. Forslean is can also be taken daily because it is safe for the liver.

100% pure synthetic E and Z Guggulsterones and a dark brown Extract,  EZ 100 has been revealed by studies to help lower cholesterol. It  has been used before to control blood lipid levels while promoting healthier skin and a decrease in blemishes. These properties are accomplished by Guggul EZ 100’s ability to enhance the thyroid gland function to promote weight loss.

Reviews say that PhenQ is the most potent extract of black pepper. It provides several benefits, one of which is improving nutrient transportation into the blood. This improves overall health and the function of organs in the body. The product also promotes weight loss through enhancement of the body’s natural thermogenic activity.


How to Choose a Portable Solar Generator

When you are in the market for a portable solar generator for use in your home, it is essential to consider certain crucial factors. This guide helps you in making a decision as to what kind of backup generator to choose for your home or outdoor activities.

Find out the generator size that’s suitable for your house
It vital to add up all of the watts in your house items and then multiply the value by 1.5. This should give you a value of the wattage for your required generator. If all you need to power are just a laptop computer, a few light bulbs, and a refrigerator, then you can choose a generator with a low wattage. However, for large families, a generator with a wattage as high as 4000w should be ideal.

Consider the weight
Your ideal portable solar generator should not weigh more than 30 pounds, especially if you’ll be using it for outdoor activities. Some lightweight generators also have high wattages but they could be more expensive. However, they are usually pretty good at serving the purpose of making everybody’s lives more comfortable. One thing, though, always stick to your budget, but also think of investing in a solar generator as a long-term investment. So you could calculate the savings you’d make on buying the best lightweight solar generator for your home.

Choose a quiet home generator
A generator that vibrates noisily can be very inconveniencing. So it’s important to opt for a portable solar generator that is as quiet as possible. If you are the type that works from home full time, a quiet home generator will make it easier to concentrate on your work during blackouts or power outages. The key to a quiet generator is in the decibels. The lower the decibels, the less vibration it makes and the quieter it is.
Here are a few portable solar generators;
Duracell Solar Plug ‘N Play
This is a weather-proof generator with a capacity of 28amps per hour. It has the capacity to charge up an emergency radio and other smaller devices, and can also power a television with effortless ease. This generator is perfect for basic house needs or camping.

Champion 4000 Watt Generator
This amazing machine can produce as much as 4000 watts of power. It is also rugged enough to withstand the elements such as extreme, rain, heat, and cold. In times of an emergency, the Champion is robust enough to power the whole house. And if you have a portable trailer, this is the generator for you. Apart from being a favorite of a lot of people, it is also quite affordable.