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The MCvM Story

A distinct, naturally-occurring mineral composite found only in the high Sierra Mountains, MCvM® contains a rich complex of minerals with unique properties unlike any other complex known. MCvM helps maintain the delicate balance of minerals that our bodies need to function optimally.

MCvM is comprised of numerous naturally-occurring macro and trace minerals including silica, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, selenium, chromium, molybdenum, and phosphorous in a form that possesses unusual health promoting properties.

MCvM was first discovered more than 30 years ago by an intrepid prospector high in the Sierra Mountains. Although the prospector didn’t find the gold he was looking for, he stumbled on to something more valuable—he found a key to enhanced health.
What this prospector discovered was a completely unique mineral deposit. Volcanic and geothermal activity spanning many years created a mineral compound that is unlike any other on the planet. The prospector never imagined that this product could one day benefit millions of people with joint problems.

Since MCvM exhibits such unique properties so quickly, some of the world’s best mineralogists were contracted to study this remarkable find. Dr. Hadyn Murray, a mineralogist who has studied mineral deposits from around the world, investigated MCvM. After conducting an x-ray diffraction analysis, Dr. Murray reported:

“In my more than 50 years of mineral research, I have never seen a combination of minerals like this before.”

MCvM and the MCvM formulas are excellent supplements for active men and women of all ages, including baby boomers, seniors and athletes. Choose MCvM for natural, uncomplicated, fast-acting solutions to today’s challenging health conditions.

Maple Bunk Beds

Maple Bunk Beds

Maple Bunk Beds are beautifully crafted and constructed from a hardwood which itself is generally gathered from sustainable sources.  These types of bunk bed are not just aesthetically pleasing to look at, but are also durable and sturdy so you can be confident of your son or daughter’s safety.  They’re also much more likely to fit into the look of the room being constructed of maple wood.  Maple bunk beds have a much softer look when contrasted to the likes of stainless steel bunk beds.  This means that although they’ll tend to cost double or triple that of basic metal-based bunk beds they’ll not only look a lot better.  But maple bunk beds also tend to be double bolted and are a lot sturdier to lie on then their cheaper counterparts.

Personally, If I were to recommend a bunk bed to buy, I’d always go for maple for these reasons.  You feel a lot safer when your bed isn’t creaking against the cheap metal joints that tend to be associated with metal bunk beds.  Not only this, but metal bunk beds are cold to the touch and the metal is always hollow giving a real impression of cheapness.  Clearly maple bunk beds are quite the opposite with much more safely constructed beds out of a better base material.

Maple bunk beds tend to cost more than other hardwood beds and much more than their steel or iron based counterparts. They tend to retail for around $500-600 for a very mid range average version, with hardwood models being $350-450 and metal models costing $150-250. Clearly each step up is going to cost more as the quality increases, but in these types of situations I would implore you to purchase the more expensive hardwood to maple designs. For me, it’s not the same as budgeting when buying something menial that won’t get much use. But when you’re buying a bed where your child will be sleeping ten hours a day for years and years I’d say it’d be worth splashing out a little. Unless it’s only a very temporary buy until you move house then I would definitely recommend getting the more solid and safer versions. Not particular for the ‘safer’ aspect, but just because it has a much more solid feel to it when contrasted with metal bunk beds which tend to rock and shake when you’re just getting on to them.